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- Pat Croce

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I haven't blogged in awhile but this was so unbelievable I had to say something. Today, the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial came back as not guilty. I wasn't an avid follower of the case, but what amazed me most were the descriptions of Anthony's cavalier attitude. I know women who lost children, and one in particular whose child drowned in a swimming pool at the age of three. She didn't run out to the club, get some tattoos, lie to the police, or hide any bodies. She called the paramedics, did what she could to resuscitate her child, and when she couldn't, she wept. She mourned, she blamed God, she buried the pain. But the immense loss resurfaces, year after year after year, and each year she thinks about her toddler and the life truncated. And she's done the same thing for almost 40 years. I know everyone grieves differently, but I don't comprehend how Casey Anthony could have the time of her life: hitting the clubs, getting tattoos, acting like life is great, knowing her child is gone. And despite the improbable verdict, that is what bothers me the most. I'm praying for those that will grieve for Caylee Anthony for years to come. If they can't find justice, may God grant them peace.
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